Save the Joss House

Save the Jos House in WeavervilleNorthstate Landmark in Danger of Being Closed Forever

The Joss House is in danger of being closed. In operation since 1874, the Joss House is the longest continually used Taoist temple in North America. It is one of 70 state parks here in California at risk of closure.

In 1983 the Weaverville Joss House Association formed. Their goal was to share interpretive and educational activities promoting California state parks.

The Joss house is located in historic downtown Weaverville and serves its community through education, history, pride, and as a tourist attraction. The Joss House is a part of Northern California and a stop no person passing through the area should miss.

Help save this local and historical treasure.

Save the Jos House in WeavervilleDennis Halkides Photo Gallery of Weaverville’s Historic Joss House

These images were taken at the Joss House in Weaverville, CA. This is the oldest Chinese Temple in California and probably in North America. I was privileged to have been asked by Friends of the Joss House and with permission and cooperation of the California State Park Service, to undertake this project in an effort to convince voters and legislators in Sacaramento that this is indeed a State Park worthy to receive continued funding. Not to fund would cause everything you see in these images to be dismantled and stored away someplace and it’s doubtfull they’d ever be reassembled in this temple.

All of these items were imported from China by the Chinese laborers making barely livable wages in the mid 1800’s who felt it was a necessary part of their life and worth the financial sacrifice. The Temple was completed in 1874 as a replacement to an earlier one in the same location that was destroyed by fire. You can read more at Shortly, these prints will be finalized and go on sale at Gallery833 in Redding, where 50% of the proceeds will be donated to saving the Joss House. ~ Dennis Halkides

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