Dennis Halkides

Specialty: Photography
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Photographer Dennis Halkides’ avocation is making images of beautiful places and interesting people through the medium of photography. One art designer to him that it was “feel good” art. He has been photographing extensively in California, the United States, and parts of Europe and Asia his entire adult life. He has received numerous awards for his images in several juried competitions, local, national, and international. His images hang in corporate and private collections and have been used by advertising agencies and book publishers.

Ten years ago, Halkides said he’d never use a digital camera nor print his work outside the darkroom. Although he has had numerous exhibits and shows featuring his darkroom-created prints, once the technology was available to print even higher quality images that were also “archival” (long lasting) using digital capture, he quickly switched and today shoots only digital capture using a Leaf Aptus II 10 60MP (60million pixels) digital back on his Alpa view camera, providing the highest obtainable digital capture resolution available today. The print results exceed that of large format film no matter how it was printed and the clarity and dynamic range (contrast) is much greater than with film.

His first exhibit where only digital capture was used was by invitation at Redding City Hall in 2004 where he displayed his hallmark large digital “mega Archival Giclée prints which he prints himself in his home-studio on an Epson 9800® printer using archival dyes and art paper — in other words, a Giclée.. His mega Archival Giclée prints are near mural size, a print one art buyer described as “almost big enough to walk into,” or at least explore more thoroughly. These mega Giclée prints create a very different feel, a different perspective from the same images in smaller reproduction, and really need to be seen in full size to appreciate. One decorator in Southern California says the seascape hanging on her was is like having a “window to her own ocean.” These prints usually are in the realm of 46″ x 60-70″ framed but he goes longer on occasion depending on what is needed. He is very happy to also print any image on his web site ( to smaller sizes and in many cases can provide custom sizes even in different aspect ratios.

In 1997, this website received the prestigious International Top Photo-Design Award for quality of photography from The Stock Solution, a large stock photography sales house at the time dealing internationally with photographers and photographic buyers. According to TSS, only 5 percent of all photographic websites they review are given this award.

Halkides’ image, Magic Forest in Mist, was selected by Serban Publishers (publishers of Photographer’s Forum) from over 28,000 entries for honorable mention in their 1995 international competition and was published in that organization’s annual, The Best Photography of 1995, which is submitted to art buyers worldwide. This same image received the Peoples’ Choice Award at the 1995 Shasta County Arts Council Competition for Northern California.

In June of 1996, Roselli Art Gallery of Redding sponsored a one-person photography show for Halkides featuring works from several of his portfolios, and the gallery has continued to represent him in Redding. Several of his images also hang in Studio 26, a cooperative gallery in Redding.

In September 1997 his image, Monastery Agia Triada, received the Award of Excellence from Shasta County Arts Council’s juried competition. In November-December 1997, he hung his third one-person art show at the Shasta County Art’s Council Gallery at Old City Hall, Redding, California. Other awards include Storm Over Denali, selected First Place in the Color Division of works submitted to the national juried photography competition sponsored by St. Simons Island Art Association and Glynn Art Association at St. Simons Island, Georgia.

In 1998, Halkides spent two weeks photographing parts of Ireland and its people, and then four weeks photographing the Himalayan country of Bhutan and parts of Thailand in Southeast Asia. In March-May 2000, he had a one-person photography show at the Los Gatos Coffee Roasting Company Gallery, in Los Gatos, California. He had a one-person, black-and-white photography show at the Shasta County Arts council in March-April 2001 to display his body of work of the People of Bhutan.

Having traveled during the past several years to Bhutan, Thailand, Greece, Turkey, Scotland, Ireland, Italy Portugal, and India, and his most recent, a photography-intense 30 day excursion to Prague, Transylvania, Romania, and Paris. These trips are only about images, starting daily before sunrise and not quitting until after sunset. There are prints from each of these prints presently in Gallery833.

Halkides has portfolios of both beautiful landscapes and candid portraits of the people of these locations. His most recent photography intense excursion was over 30 days to Prague, Transylvania, Romania, and Paris. These trips are only about images, starting daily before sunrise and not quitting until after sunset. There are prints from each of these portfolios presently in Gallery833.

Although his experience with photography and printing predates his college years, he studied photography at Humboldt State University and while there, worked as an assistant to a professional photographer in Eureka, California. He went on to Law School, earning his Doctor of Jurisprudence at Willamette University in Salem, Oregon, but Photography has always been his avocation.

He has studied under John Sexton and Joe Englander and Richard Garrod, three of Ansel Adams’ better-known assistants, as well as, and has taken and given numerous additional photographic workshops.

Halkides taught workshops for Joe Englander for several years and has led workshops to Ireland, Scotland, Athens and the Greek Island of Crete during the Greek Easter Holiday; the Oregon coast; Yosemite in late May while dogwoods are in bloom and waterfalls are at their peak; the Olympic National Park and Rain Forests in August; then to Arizona and Utah for Slot Canyons, Monument Valley, and Canyon de Chelly. Halkides frequently leads workshops in the Northern California Coastal Redwoods. In 2004 he spent nearly a month photographing Italy and in 2005, nearly a month photographing India.

All images on his personal websites are for sale in numerous formats and sizes (priced accordingly). Halkides has been using digital for over 8 years, and has not printed in the darkroom for 5 years, thus his stock of darkroom prints (16×20/mounted and matted on 24×30 Archival rag stock) are becoming very rare. He has less than 24 of actual darkroom prints at Gallery833.

For qualifying design professionals and ad agencies, an original or duplicate 4×5 transparency, inter-negative and color or black-and-white prints can be provided, as well as a variety of digital media. See Halkides’ Fine Art Images at: Prints are available in several sizes. See the individual galleries at for more information, and read “About Our Prints for information about the paper and printing techniques used.” ALSO NOTE: The prices on my web site are dictated by metropolitan area galleries and interior decorators I guess using there philosophy of “all the market will bear”. For prints ordered at Gallery833 or through Dennis Halkides personally, there is a very substantial discount even to the retail customer, in the area of 20-30% off of the Internet prices!

Please ask about Gallery833’s special pricing available to both retail and wholesale buyers.

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