Dave Allred

Dave Allred - Wood & Metal SculpturesSpecialty: Wood & Metal Sculptures
Phone: (530) 243-2682 or (530) 524-3458
Website: http://www.artistdavidallred.com

As a boy I had two intense interests: the great outdoors and art. I spend a lot of time exploring, fishing and hunting. I eventually worked my way through college majoring in art at the University of Utah with a teaching credential. During my initial 13 years as a public school instructor I used my spare time pursuing my love of the outdoors and developing my interests and skills as a sculpting artist. These three involvements represented quite a conflict for me. When not teaching I wanted to be in my studio producing. Then, I’d look out the window and think, “This is such a beautiful day. I should be out fishing.”

That conflict was resolved when I happily resolved to leave teaching to become a full-time sculptor. I didn’t feel guilty any more. When I was outside I was working, one way or another—getting inspiration for art subjects, collecting driftwood for mountings, sometimes sculpting a large piece outside my studio.

I use a variety of metals, woods and stone in my work. I enjoy celebrating nature. Birds, fish, animals, insects, people and fishing flies are major subjects. My motive is to have my work speak eloquently to men and women who know and love their moments with nature and her many creatures. I try to capture the essence of wildlife and the human outdoor experience. I treat these subjects with reverence and attention to detail with the intent of turning each into a shining work of art with my torch. Each piece is unique, individually conceived and executed.

My techniques lend themselves to a variety of subjects and treatments. Much of this art is custom work including large wall sculptures, trophies, figures in action, caricatures—special orders designed to meet the client’s needs. When required or so inspired, I leave realism and delve into abstract and non-representative themes.

My works have been displayed in major galleries in the U.S. and Canada and offered for sale at distinguished sporting shops. I have completed more than 1600 sculptures owned by collectors in many parts of the world.

Being an avid sportsman, I am active in organizations dedicated to the protection and preservation of nature, wildlife and habitat.

Due to health problems and a divorce it was necessary, after 15 years of sculpting, for me to return to teaching high school art for a time. I continued doing commissioned work during that time. I retired from teaching June 2005 and have returned to sculpting.

I have lived in Redding, California for 42 years where I maintain my present studio. My son and daughter graduated from Shasta High School with distinctions before going on to college.

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