Dan Ferrarese

Dan Ferrarese - Glass & Wood SculpturesSpecialty: I have worked in various art mediums and venues for over 15 years. I have taught art in various settings. I enjoy various mediums in art and consider myself a muralist and sculpturist. I also work in interior and exterior design in both commercial and residential spaces.

I greatly enjoy art in public spaces and in recent years traveled extensively studing public art throughout the U.S. Also I have been instrumental in kitchen, kiosk, and interior and exterior design projects.

I was in charge of ‘art on campus’ as event coordinator and lead art coordinator for Simpson University for 7 years. Over the years I have worked and enjoy a collaborative team process in all phases of public and private art. I am competent, but not licensed, in plumbing, electrical, welding and general construction knowledge.

I have been involved in several commercial retail projects as well as residential design and art focused installments, working alone, or synergistically with teams or my art partner Jan Scanlin. Recently I have expanded my projects to include etched and slumped-glass related art, woodworking, mosaic tile works, canvas and mural works, metal work (copper & steel), leather tooling, textile art, photography and furniture making. I have participated in local and regional art shows extensively, teach art, and am selling one of a kind works in galleries throughout the West as well. Bringing art collaboratively to public and private spaces is and continues to be a driving force in my life.

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