Dennis Halkides’ Images: Ireland Portfolio. Set of 3- 20″x29″ framed $849

A work in Progress–Dennis Halkides is revisiting his Ireland Portfolio and printing a limited edition containing a set of three prints, print size 17×26″ framed out to 20×29″ in a medium width black wood frame similar to what he uses to frame all of his prints in Gallery833.  An Daingean©98IRE-c76RV, Slayhead Revisited, Dingle© 01Ire01RV, Stone House & Rhododendrons© 98Ire-c17RV

This is a limited edition of 15 sets of three different prints, numbered and signed by the artist.  These prints are original Giclée prints sized at 17×26″ and after the limit of the edition is reached, this print-set will no longer be printed. Each print is individually printed with the finest state of the art archival paper and ink and permanently mounted on archival, natural (no color added) 3/16″ Gator-board® which is made of an unbleached wood laminate sandwiching a foam core for strength, light weight and a hard mounting surface which is hand sanded for a perfectly smooth surface. After careful inspection to insure there are no dings or other imperfections on the surface, the print is carefully mounted using an archival dry bond adhesive. The last step before framing, is spraying 5 coats of  environment friendly Eco-Print Shield® UV and water protectant. This protectant has been tested to at least double the 100 year life of the print and protects it from moisture and other damage.  Halkides prefers not to hang glass in front of his prints due to reflections and weight issues, feeling the print is best viewed without obstructions.

The current cold and wet weather is preventing the final spraying of the Set #1 of this limited edition, but it will soon be in Gallery833 for viewing.  This limited edition will only be sold as a set of three, and the price of $849 reflects a $150 discount.  There is $100 discount for advance orders paid for before the edition is printed. In addition, if you wanted to buy the set unframed, there would be a $100 credit on the set price.

About Dennis Halkides

Photographer Dennis Halkides has traveled extensively in California, the United States, parts of Europe and Asia his entire adult life photographically interpreting beautiful places and interesting people. He has received numerous awards for his images in several juried competitions, local, national, and international. His images hang in corporate and private collections and have been used by advertising agencies, book publishers and interior decorators and other design professionals.
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